Mechanical Parts


All our second-hand engines are test run before removal and have a new cam belt and thermostat fitted.


We can also supply fully rebuilt short blocks, long blocks and cylinder heads.


A large percentage of our manual transmissions are fully rebuilt and include new bearings, seals and some new components. Most of our autos are second hand.
When enquiring about gear boxes, please state whether you require a transfer case.


We can supply second-hand, rebuilt and new driveshafts.


We also stock new hanger bearings.


When enquiring, please state whether you need a diff head or complete diff assembly and whether it is open or limited slip. We have a large range on the shelf ready for dispatch.


There are many steering components included in a Hilux or Surf, and we stock most of them new or used.


Front or rear, we can help! Coils, leaf springs, top or bottom arms, bushes, link rods, ball joints etc.


Drums, discs, shoes, pads, springs, clips, cables etc. New or used in stock.




When enquiring, please tell us your model number, engine type and whether manual or auto. We can help with radiators, fans, caps, shrouds, hoses, thermo housings and a good range of air conditioning components.

For more information on any Toyota Hilux parts please phone 0800 444 589